Sunday, 26 March 2017

IF - Umbrella

It's been a while since I last responded to Illustration Friday

Did this using Procreate on my iPad using Apple pencil.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

ATC in Feb 2017

Love was in the air tonight. Look at all the amazing ATCs!

We also tried out the art we will do with a group of seniors in April.

Our exhibition is next month. We are excitedly looking forward to it. Meeting on 9 Mar to get the exhibition ready and then on 16 Mar, the extra session at which we will bring some of our collection to share with others.

These are my ATCs for this month.

This is my "Love Blossom" series. Each is a pop-up card of a flower inside.


Thursday, 12 January 2017

ATC in Jan 2017

We had a really good crowd this month.

Mdm Au, as usual, lead us in a very wonderful session of quilling.

There was such an array of creativity in the Rooster themed ATCs for this evening.

One of the ATCs I created was made from egg shells. This was traded with Jessica.

We also spent time talking about the upcoming exhibition in March and also our visit to a nursing home to run an art activity as well as put up our artwork for their enjoyment for a few months. Very exciting.

We will meet again on 9 Feb and the inspirational theme will be Valentine's.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

ATC in Dec 2016

We had an explosion of colours creating molas inspired ATCs. Molas is a form of fabric art from Pananma.

The collection of Present theme ATCs was also fantastic. The theme was interpreted in many ways including as gift, being present and present time.

We are also in the thick of our preparation for our exhibition in March next year. It is getting exciting.

The next meeting is on 12 Jan 2017 and the theme is Rooster.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

ATC - Oct and Nov 2016

This is a catch-up for the 2 ATC sessions held last month and this month at Bishan Library.

In October, we tried some "magic" painting with this special paper that allows water to appear like ink. It was fun. We also had quite a few lovely cards for the theme of "Window" including one with the Windows logo. 

For November, Mdm Au taught us to quill these lovely hummingbirds. There were also attractive "Something Red" ATCs and our librarian brought out books with covers that have something red too.

We were also mentioned in a town council newsletter.

We have also starting preparing for an exhibition in March 2017 and we hope to bring the ATCs into a senior home or two after the exhibition. Isn't that cool? Look out for more about the ATC Adding Tremendous Cheer exhibition.

Join us on 8 Dec at 7 pm. The inspirational theme is "Present".

IF - Aquatic

It has been a while since I last responded to an Illustration Friday prompt. An acrylic painting on a small canvas.

Friday, 9 September 2016

ATC - Sep 2016

How about doing some abstract art?

We stretched the idea of "abstract art" a little. After making a drawing, we "de-constructed" by cutting it up and then "re-compose" it.

Look at the intriguing pieces that we were able to create. We also made a link to non-linear narratives in novels.

For the trading of ATCs, we have quite a few to choose from, including those from first-timers. The inspiration theme was "Eye/See".

That's me sharing about the ATCs I have brought for the trade. Thanks Selina for the photo.

And these are the beautiful ATCs I have just added to my collection.

Quite a few of the regulars were not feeling well for this evening. Hope they all get better real soon.

We also explored a possible exhibition project to work on for the months ahead. More details soon.