Friday, 31 July 2009

Art Takes You Places

Music video for Tanya Davis' song Art by Andrea Dorfman

See the works of those who have taken the art adventure at the ATC on Parade exhibition at Bishan Public Library next week from 6 to 13 August.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Colour Blind

It is sad to hear of Malaysian filmmaker Yasmin Ahmad's passing away. She was a champion for diversity and had a great way in weaving tender and loving details into her work.

This is one of the commercials she made in Singapore.

Click here and here for two more.

KBCC July 09

It's our once-a-month fun gathering again. How fun it was to put our photos and lovely scraps together. Yet another wonderful crafting session at KBCC.

KBCC Jul 09

Even our friend Ee Wei in Canada joined us by sending her masterpiece ahead of time.

KBCC Jul 09

And guess who had the honour of creating something on everyone's behalf for her.

KBCC Jul 09

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Zee Avi

This is Zee Avi.

Love her voice ... the playful irony in this song ... the mix of Malay and English ... and the ukulele.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Nonya Manis Outing

Nonya Manis at Orange Ribbon Carnival

Today was a pleasant cloudy day for Nonya Manis to join a carnival at the park.

A good crowd at the Orange Ribbon Carnival had the chance to try their hands at creating their own unique Peranakan fashion.

Nonya Manis at Orange Ribbon Carnival

Well, it was a good time for Nonya Manis.

Nonya Manis at Orange Ribbon Carnival

Folding Trees Feature

How very nice to have my origami giftboxes featured on the Folding Trees website.

And this was the photo.
Origami Giftboxes

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Vintage Wonderland

Like That One
Visited "Like That One", a lovely wonderland of playful vintage homeware in Bukit Batok.

There were so many rehabbed and restored vintage goods, each a labour of love. Here is a sneak peek.

A rED carpet makes the pink tricycle standout.
Like That One

Comfy gREEN settee to indulge some yummy reads.
Like That One

bLUEs that could make you sing.
Like That One

Make your way there to discover something you like.

Daily Archeology

Recently, I was told about a talk, Grandmother's Storeroom: The Archeology of Your Family, which encouraged the keeping of journals about objects that make up our personal memory, very much like what an archeologist would do when they discover an artifact. How often when we find an old photograph or some long-forgotten knick-knack in the house, we can only wonder what the story behind them is.

This wonderful site called Significant Objects is all about the story behind what others might consider junk. And these objects are up for bid at eBay.

I find this recollection behind this toy toaster quite a good read.

Dig away!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

A*Live July 09

Guess what? - Part 1
What are these? Something edible?

We do get to have some simple snacks during our A*Live sessions, but these are not edible.

Guess what? - Part 2
Does this give a clue?

Guess What? - Part 4
We tried our hands at paper piercing or pricking. Great stuff that we created won't you say?

It was a lovely session with old friends and new. Nice catching up and amazing meeting new friends who have been creating ATCs and seeing their work for the first time.
A*Live July 09

Next month, we will be having our 2nd annual ATC exhibition, ATC on Parade. From 6 to 13 August at Bishan Public Library. We are all excited. Make a date with us.
ATC on Parade 2009

Choreographed Cam

This is simply too fun even if I don't know what the song is about.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

IF - Shaky

Stepping out in her new look made her shaky all over.

Illustration Friday.

Featured on Cuteable

One of my newest ATC was featured on Cuteable. Delighted.

Golden Butterfly
For this card, I tried my hand at paper piercing. Will be getting everyone to try their hand at paper piercing at A*Live next Thursday.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009