Saturday, 11 July 2009

Vintage Wonderland

Like That One
Visited "Like That One", a lovely wonderland of playful vintage homeware in Bukit Batok.

There were so many rehabbed and restored vintage goods, each a labour of love. Here is a sneak peek.

A rED carpet makes the pink tricycle standout.
Like That One

Comfy gREEN settee to indulge some yummy reads.
Like That One

bLUEs that could make you sing.
Like That One

Make your way there to discover something you like.


Rain said...

"We do need to take a break; to stop, step back and take time to ponder. Not just for the sake of our sanity, it is in fact for growth, and to flourish. I tell myself to build up this ability to pause - to explore pause-ability."

This is such a lovely idea. Sometimes we do need to take a breather and appreciate the small, perfect moments that bring happiness to our lives. Whether it's reading your favourite book again, or enjoying a hot cup of tea, there's always beauty to be found in the mundane, if we learn how to look.

I'm enjoying reading your blog, it's great. The vintage homeware shop has such nice things. (^_^)

Mônica said...

I think that pink tricycle is my favorite! I love the futuristic retro look!

And an ATC exhibit? That sounds so cool! :-)