Thursday, 13 December 2012

A*Live @ Bishan Dec 2012

ATC @ Bishan Library Dec 12 It's the year-end edition of our ATC meeting! Rita taught us how to make origami Christmas trees and we saw some delightful "gift" themed ATCs. ATC @ Bishan Library Dec 12 Of course some seasonal goodies to top off the evening. ATC @ Bishan Library Dec 12 Have an ATc (Artful, Terrific and Cheerful) Christmas everyone! We meet again on 10 Jan 2013 and the theme is "Celebrate fun!".

Sunday, 2 December 2012

IF - Stretch

Stretch 2 of 2
This piece started with my simple pen and ink drawing.
Stretch 1 of 2
After playing around with it with iPhoto on iPad, I was pleasantly surprised by what was created. What do you think? For Illustration Friday.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

IF - Whiskers




Whiskers shall have a favourite pose.

(Had some fun experimenting with these ... without Photoshop.)

For Illustration Friday.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Kwan Shan Mei (an update)

In March last year, I wrote a post about Kwan Shan Mei, an illustrator who was very prolific, especially in locally published children's books and textbooks.

I was rather surprise to not find much information about her online or even at the library (except for a newspaper article featuring an interview with her). So, I left a note asking anyone who has information to comment.

The internet has a truly wonderful way of connecting people. Since then, I have found out a few other things and sadly, I was also told that she has recently passed away.

Today, I received a comment from her student who is in the midst of putting together a Facebook page in honour of her. Something I look forward to seeing.

Personally, I think it would be great to have an exhibition of her extensive collection of artwork.

Keep a look out for more updates.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

A*Live Nov 2012 at Bishan Library

A*Live at Bishan Library Nov 2012

In this month session, we have interesting "faces" ATCs.

A*Live at Bishan Library Nov 2012

And had some tangled times doing the string craft.

A*Live at Bishan Library Nov 2012

Fun all round.

We meet again on 13 Dec and the theme is "Gifts".

Monday, 5 November 2012


This Saturday, there will be a special sales of artful goods at mosshill, including everything from A Rhyming Tern.

Open from 10 am to 5 pm.

Care to drop by?

Thursday, 11 October 2012

A*Live @ Bishan Library Oct 2012

A*Live @ Bishan Library Oct 12
It's always great to meet each other again. This month, we tried rubbing or frottage. Had fun and once again, we can see everyone's creativity.
A*Live @ Bishan Library Oct 12
A*Live @ Bishan Library Oct 12
The next session is on 8 Nov (Thu) and the theme is "Faces".

Saturday, 15 September 2012

IF - Burst


Enjoying the burst of delightful deliciousness that a good book offers.

For Illustration Friday.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Parade Ends

This year's ATC on Parade ended on a high note with the international swap taking place.

Post Parade Swap

These are the ATCs from our overseas friends waiting for a home in Singapore.

Post Parade Swap

After an orderly ballot, we are ready to have our local ATCs be shipped overseas too.

Post Parade Swap

We would like to thank the National Library Board for their encouraging support, and for this swap, Rita for co-ordinating it.

We will meet again on 11 Oct, and the theme is "Doors and Windows".

Monday, 27 August 2012

PS* I Love You

"Busy is the new fine."

Does the bustle of life get to you? The Colouring Coo Doodling Doo series is your playground for taking that much needed pause.

Everyone, young and old, enjoys colouring and doodling. With this series tied-in to creativity skills, it hopes to be as enjoyable and it is useful. 

Introducing the first title in this series: PS* I Love You.

PS* I Love You

This is inspired by the intricate and beautiful batik artwork on Peranakan sarongs, especially those vintage ones which were hand-drawn.

Get your copy of this Pauseability exclusive today at A Rhyming Tern.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Preparation for the Parade

Prep for ATC on Parade 2012
It is always exciting finally putting together the ATC on Parade exhibition. Everyone chipped in and there was much friendly banter and laughter. When everything is finally up, what a delight it is.

A few visitors to the library were the first few to see the show and they seemed impressed.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

ATC on Parade 2012

ATC on Parade 2012 poster

This year's ATC on Parade exhibition is just around the corner.

It will happen from 18 Aug to 12 Sep at the Bishan Library.

Join us on 16 Aug as we setup the exhibition from 6.30 to 8.30 pm.

More details at this website.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

ATC @ Bishan Library Jul 2012

We created ATCs using postage stamps.

ATC @ Bishan Library Jul 2012

Here are some of the ATCs.

ATC @ Bishan Library Jul 2012

As the 2nd Thu of August is National Day, we will not be having our usual meeting. Instead, we will start our annual exhibition "ATC on Parade" the following Thursday, 16 Aug. Watch out for more details.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Thursday, 14 June 2012

A*Live @ Bishan Library Jun 2012

ATC @ Bishan Library Jun 2012

This month, we learnt from Trish and Nic how to use markers and water to create a nice watercolour effect.

ATC @ Bishan Library Jun 2012

We were quite absorbed doing this. And look at the beautiful art we created!

ATC @ Bishan Library Jun 2012

Not forgetting some of the new ATCs for this month.

ATC @ Bishan Library Jun 2012

We meet again on 12 July and the theme is "Under the Sea".

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Bootcamp #06

The final assignment for this fun online Art Bootcamp is all about maps.

As I will be going for a trip from Sun till Wed, I managed to only create one of the 2 maps; one of the place we stay and another about our thoughts, or something more conceptual.

Even this piece looks more like a work in progress.

Bootcamp #06

This is my Toa Payoh, Singapore.

Fun all the same. Maybe I will get to the making this better or to the other map when I get back.

This week, I was also introduced to these fantastic illustrated map sites:

They Draw and Travel

Make Maps

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Bootcamp #05

In this week's assignment is inspired by chairs - to create an art that we think best represent who I am.

At the start of the week, I saw a fabric design while riding the train that got me experimenting with "combi perspective" - showing both the side and front view at the same time. So, I doodled my chairs, and the wing chair has always attracted me though I do not own one.

Bootcamp Assignment #05

When I sat down to work on this, I experimented again - Chinese ink with chopstick, and also drawing a little larger than I am usually comfortable with.

bootcamp #05 - WIP

I quite liked the uneven-ness and just tried out a few pieces this way, except for the one with a coloured background.

Here are the 4 pieces I submitted:

bootcamp #05

bootcamp #05

bootcamp #05 - colour

bootcamp #05

I liked the coloured piece the most.

How do these represent me?
- enjoy word-play and puns (and somewhat lame humour): wing chair!
- seem to be in a rush while at rest
- a (hidden) desire to spread my wings of creativity

Yet another fun assignment. Only one last one.

Also putting this up for Illustration Friday's theme: Hurry!