Friday, 22 June 2012

Thursday, 14 June 2012

A*Live @ Bishan Library Jun 2012

ATC @ Bishan Library Jun 2012

This month, we learnt from Trish and Nic how to use markers and water to create a nice watercolour effect.

ATC @ Bishan Library Jun 2012

We were quite absorbed doing this. And look at the beautiful art we created!

ATC @ Bishan Library Jun 2012

Not forgetting some of the new ATCs for this month.

ATC @ Bishan Library Jun 2012

We meet again on 12 July and the theme is "Under the Sea".

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Bootcamp #06

The final assignment for this fun online Art Bootcamp is all about maps.

As I will be going for a trip from Sun till Wed, I managed to only create one of the 2 maps; one of the place we stay and another about our thoughts, or something more conceptual.

Even this piece looks more like a work in progress.

Bootcamp #06

This is my Toa Payoh, Singapore.

Fun all the same. Maybe I will get to the making this better or to the other map when I get back.

This week, I was also introduced to these fantastic illustrated map sites:

They Draw and Travel

Make Maps

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Bootcamp #05

In this week's assignment is inspired by chairs - to create an art that we think best represent who I am.

At the start of the week, I saw a fabric design while riding the train that got me experimenting with "combi perspective" - showing both the side and front view at the same time. So, I doodled my chairs, and the wing chair has always attracted me though I do not own one.

Bootcamp Assignment #05

When I sat down to work on this, I experimented again - Chinese ink with chopstick, and also drawing a little larger than I am usually comfortable with.

bootcamp #05 - WIP

I quite liked the uneven-ness and just tried out a few pieces this way, except for the one with a coloured background.

Here are the 4 pieces I submitted:

bootcamp #05

bootcamp #05

bootcamp #05 - colour

bootcamp #05

I liked the coloured piece the most.

How do these represent me?
- enjoy word-play and puns (and somewhat lame humour): wing chair!
- seem to be in a rush while at rest
- a (hidden) desire to spread my wings of creativity

Yet another fun assignment. Only one last one.

Also putting this up for Illustration Friday's theme: Hurry!