Friday, 9 September 2016

ATC - Sep 2016

How about doing some abstract art?

We stretched the idea of "abstract art" a little. After making a drawing, we "de-constructed" by cutting it up and then "re-compose" it.

Look at the intriguing pieces that we were able to create. We also made a link to non-linear narratives in novels.

For the trading of ATCs, we have quite a few to choose from, including those from first-timers. The inspiration theme was "Eye/See".

That's me sharing about the ATCs I have brought for the trade. Thanks Selina for the photo.

And these are the beautiful ATCs I have just added to my collection.

Quite a few of the regulars were not feeling well for this evening. Hope they all get better real soon.

We also explored a possible exhibition project to work on for the months ahead. More details soon.