Sunday, 24 January 2010


Clumsy Clown

It is quite a feat acting clumsy while on stilts. Being a Chinese opera clown on stilts is no joke.

Handdrawn and digitally coloured. For Illustration Friday.

Your comments, please.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

A*Live Jan 2010

A*Live Jan 2010
Our very first ATC trade session for 2010 went off very well. Once again, we had a good crowd nearing 20 - young and old together.
A*Live Jan 2010
It was a craft puncher picnic! With everyone bringing a few, there were so many to choose from.
A*Live Jan 2010
And we had some awesome creations. Then we shared our newly created cards, including those for this month's theme - Fabric.

We meet again on 11 Feb, and the theme is Love Hu (a play on the Chinese word for Tiger) as the Chinese New Year which starts on 14 Feb, Valentine's Day, will also be the Yaer of the Tiger).

Saturday, 9 January 2010

IF - Confined

The theme for Illustration Friday is Confined. I was thinking about it when I chatted with a friend who is expecting a baby and I was reminded about the confinement period after childbirth.

Having a child is truly not easy, especially on the mother.

Cool Cat

Cool cat recommends cool food
Was just drawing lines and out came cool cat. Toyed with it in Photoshop and out came cool cat recommending cool food.

Cool food? Well, growing up, was told there are heaty and cooling food.

Maybe that would make a cool list to have while grocery shopping? Sent it in to CommonTotes. Do vote if you like my 2 variations there.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Portrait Day

OIC Portrait Day
It was a new year resolution to join the OIC Portrait Day, and I did it. Spending a Saturday afternoon with a group of very talented artists was as intimidating as it was fun. Having so many models, from young to old, sit for 15 mins each was a luxury.

What you see are my modest pieces from this afternoon.

Design Values

Inspiring designer Yves Behar.