Monday, 28 May 2012

Bootcamp #04

High and dry - that's how I felt about this week's assignment.

The past - I generally have difficulty recalling things from my past and am amazed at those who seem to have picture perfect memories.

The present - No chance to photograph anyone jumping. Tried throwing things in the air but my phone cam just could not capture anything. (My toy monkey went splat on the floor a good couple of times.)

The future - Coincidentally, I am at a point when I am considering if I need to make any life-changing decision. Not a look of clarity.

For strange reasons, I was thinking of 3 wise monkeys and thought of associating them with each of this phase.

Well, after some random doodling, seems I could only get this done up. Drew, then added bits digitally.

Past, Present, Future

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Try a Little GSS Kindness

The Great Singapore Sales has started for this year. At The Rhyming Tern, we are offering Boom Boom! Cards - the intentional kindness kit - at very special price.

The Original and Green kits are going at $10 only (usual $21.90).

The Family kits are going at $14 only (usual $29.90).

Special offer valid till 30 Jun 2012 and only for purchases within Singapore.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Bootcamp Assignment #03

My life seems to be far busier than I thought.

I made my way to the Singapore Art Museum after work on Thursday, hoping to enjoy one of the more traditional pieces. Sadly, that collection was closed for installation and all I was left with were entirely contemporary artwork which I found a little harder to enjoy. The myriad of medium and unusual aesthetics floored me.

On my way to the museum, I saw a pair of sports shoes on sale. As I was walking through the gallery, I was debating as to whether to buy it.

Since I could not find time for another gallery visit, I decided to look at Google Art. I liked Cathedral by Kupka.

Bootcamp Assignment #03
As I was thinking of my response, I suddenly thought of including those sport shoes (which I went back to buy! Haha!) even though it really made rather odd combination.

So, in the spirit of contemporary art perhaps, here goes.

Bootcamp Assignment #03
Really didn't like how the patchy and kiddy my colouring looked.

Bootcamp Assignment #03

This is the final piece.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Bootcamp Assignment #02

This week's Pikaland Bootcamp assignment is about finding my voice and good source materials.

Getting through this assignment was challenging because of my pack schedule but glad I managed (though I suspect I could have done better with more time).

I had to choose an image an create 3 different art - a black and white drawing, a collage from scrap materials and finally one in a medium of my choice.

I chose an old photo of my mother and here are my 3 art pieces.

Bootcamp Assignment #02

Creating the face using collage was the most difficult. Initially, I was uneasy that I did not capture the likeness very well. Decided to just create pieces that I think looks interesting in themselves. The collage is possibly the more interesting one.

So what's my voice? Not sure yet.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

IF - Hitched


An Eric Carle-inspired ATC for Illustration Friday.

ATC @ Bishan May 2012

Mmm ... all about M.

There were imaginative ATCs for this month's theme.

 ATC @ Bishan Library May 2012
Including a portrait of yours truly. Can you spot it?

ATC @ Bishan Library May 2012

Then when we tried out Eric Carle-inspired art, the creative work we saw was simply amazing.

ATC @ Bishan Library May 2012

We will meet again on 14 June and the theme is "It Isn't Easy to be Green".

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Bootcamp Week #01

I signed-up for a Camp Pikaland online art course - just before it started on Monday - called Making Your Mark. Excited about stretching my art-making muscles, experiencing an online class and meeting new friends in this Bootcamp.

There are 6 weekly assignments and this week has been a good start. This week's assignment got me looking more closely to nature for inspiration.

Bootcamp Assignment #01

Bootcamp Assignment #01

Bootcamp Assignment #01

This was one of the first photo I took and I finally used it to inspire my first piece of art. I also decided to try a medium I am less familiar with - acrylic on canvas.

Bootcamp Assignment #01

Taking into consideration the five elements of colour, texture, light, composition and subject helped me work through the process.

Bootcamp Assignment #01

I manage to complete the piece this afternoon.

Bootcamp Assignment #01

In terms of technique, I guess I was just muddling through. All the same, I would say that I do find this a pretty interesting piece to look at. The first week of camp has been jolly fun, and my fellow campers are a creative and friendly bunch.

Now to wait for my teachers' critique. And next week's assignment.