Saturday, 2 January 2010

Portrait Day

OIC Portrait Day
It was a new year resolution to join the OIC Portrait Day, and I did it. Spending a Saturday afternoon with a group of very talented artists was as intimidating as it was fun. Having so many models, from young to old, sit for 15 mins each was a luxury.

What you see are my modest pieces from this afternoon.


benconservato said...

Well done for doing it, I am sure you will get better and better if you keep going. I do like the ones in the photo though, they are very, very cool. You should be happy.

Lorri said...

Hello :)
It's been a while since we contacted each other. You may know my sadness if you have followed my blog lately.
So glad to see your portraits, they are very good!
Take care for now,
Lorri xo