Thursday, 15 February 2007

Rush Rush Tribe

In this morning's My Paper, the section about new phrases was on what I would losely transliterte as "Rush Rush Tribe". Last year, someone in China coined this phrase while refering to those born between 1975 to19 85 as being the ones facing the biggest pressures in life. There is therefore a sense of urgency and a need to rush about with little time to slow down. This resonated so well with many of that person's peers that this phrase became quite popular on the net.

I had 2 recent conversations which were about how the young, especially the students in Singapore, are kept extremely busy. I find it disturbing to hear from these young ones the same lament about the lack of time that used to be commonly heard only among working adults.

Not too long ago, an article about how stress is taking a toll on the people of Hong Kong also caught my attention.

So, it appears that we have all joined the ranks of the Rush Rush Tribe. For better or for worse? To me, this most certainly underscores the need to deliberate take a breather, a pause.

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