Sunday, 22 April 2007

Bag Your Pardon

Earlier this week, we had Bring Your Own Bag Day to encourage shoppers to use less plastic bags. Reusable bags were sold at participating supermarkets, mostly at $1 each, and so were plastic bags.

So, where do the extra revenue go to exactly? Guess I wasn't reading the small print at the shop. I cannot seem to locate much information on the web except for Ikea's, which will donate to the WWF Singapore Conservation Fund.

I was also amused that the BYOB Day was officially declared a success because the $1 reusable bags were snapped up within hours. Is that any indication at all? $1 is affordable for most (even though I am sure the cost price is much lesser). A more important issue seems to be how many will actually use these bags again. Unless I have set off for the supermarket intentionally, I am quite unlikely to bring a bag along. Besides, these reusable bags are not slim enough when folded to snugly go into a handbag or briefcase. Should this have been a vital consideration in the production of these bags?

With regards to plastic bags, what I really wish to have is an idea of how best to reuse or recycle the many that I have amassed. Besides using it for trash, what else? My mum has bartered such bags at the wet market for some chillies or lime. Will any supermarket consider something similar?

For now, I am thankful that I have found a way of folding it into these tiny triangles to make these bags more compact for storage.

Well, beg your pardon for rambling on. I am glad that at least we are finally making a start in becoming more aware of our part to use resources more wisely. Happy Earth Day!

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