Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Oh Coral!

Mermaid Bride
Our earth is covered largely in water and the ocean is indeed a fascinating place. Recent news has been that we have been over exploiting it too.

While I do not dive, I have heard about the beautiful corals in this region. It is sad that as much as 60% of it has been destroyed thus far. Last year, an effort was launched to start a coral nursery to help slow down this decline, and they are gaining some success.

Just some thoughts about being more conscious in how we use the wonderful natural resources we have and do what we can to reduce wasteage, be as sustainable as possible and repair damage where we can.

Happy Earth Day!


julie king said...

well said! my husband and i are on a whole new kick to reduce our human footprint and stop the consumption. we are finding it quite refreshing to reduce waste, etc. i enjoyed your blog!

The Nature Nut said...

According to what I've heard, in addition to pollution apparently scuba divers are having a huge negative impact on our planet's precious coral reefs. Coral and the tiny organisms that live in it are extremely fragile and are damaged or killed by even the most gentle touch.

It's a real shame that places that host divers don't bother to educate them, and thus the destruction continues. Makes me really sad :o(

Helen said...

Nice blog and lovely art.

The Stumbly Diva said...

I love the mermaid bride! Even if y ou don't put her in the challenge, you should post her...unless you want to keep her :-)

Momo said...

Thank you for all the wonderful comments, and the insightful ideas.

diva, I would be happy for mermaid to find a new home. Just that I am feeling a little discouraged that all my effort at etsy seems to yield almost no result. Guess, I just need to work through that.

hoganfe said...

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