Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Paintbrush of Birds

These birds were seen at a train station in Rome. The fluid sweep of this flock is so beautiful and fascinating.

Perhaps a good illustration of "chaordic" too.

I think these might have been starlings, and if so, you would want to watch this next clip about starlings in England.


Estela said...

that's amazing!!

ElizArt said...

they remind me of Crill ( Krill?) a feeder fish for dolphin and other water mammals. The dolphin and other fish chase the fish into these very large balls ( hundreds of feet large) and then as the fish try to eat and the krill try to escape they morph into these beautiful calligraphic ribbons of fish....

I live by the lake and have seen the starlings play like this. It is very very beautiful . Thanks so much for sharing.