Monday, 18 August 2008

AoP 09 - Close to You

ATC on Parade has come to a close. When the idea was first mooted, we did not imagine that the participation would be as wonderful and warm. Everyone brought out their creative best and we had a smart and successful parade!

Great Singapore Swap
The cards from the Great Singapore Swap has been distributed and will be sent out soon. It has been especially heartwarming that our friends from overseas has each taken up the challenge of finding out more about our tiny island nation in order to create their beautiful ATCs.

ATCs from Everywhere
Hopefully, with this effort, we will see more people try out ATC.

And at our next live trade session in September, we have decided to try a theme-trade on top of the usual trading. The theme will be "9ine". Crank up the creative juices, enjoy your artful expression and make a date to join us on 11 Sep.

Great Singapore Swap


Walk in the Woods said...

This si awesome - the work, the idea, the event!

Kylie B said...

I Love ATC! :)

Cute blog!