Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Chalk Dust

When I was still a student, we had chalkboards or more commonly called blackboard, even though they were really green. These have all been replaced by whiteboards today.

One of the things those of us who were rostered for duty had to do was to clear the dust from the duster used to erase the blackboard. We would either slap two dusters together or pound one on the wall, creating little dust clouds.

Small bits of chalk were also a weapon in some teachers' hands targeted at those not paying attention in class. On a number of occasions, these were also our ammunition for a class chalk war.

Chalk also came in handy for keeping our white-washed canvas shoes pristine.

Well, those were the days.

Here's an artist that has created wonders with chalk. Enjoy!


Chatty said...

I love art like this they are amazing and it looks so real.

Hey, kiddo go to my blog there is a Gold Medal waiting for you there. Ranie

Momo said...

Thanks Ranie for the Gold Medal and the very kind remarks.