Thursday, 11 December 2008

Dollars and Cents

Are there some unusual things you do with coins?

I cannot remember when I started to categorize my coins in my 2-compartment coin pouch. It was after having to fiddle around for a while to find the coin that I needed that I thought it would be cool, and perhaps more efficient, to separate them. So, all the 10 cents and 1 dollar coins are now in one compartment and the 20 and 50 cents in the other. Has it helped? Not sure actually. Ha!

And if I come across old coins in circulation, I would save them and put them in this old "piggy bag" that I had as a kid. Do doubt if these coins will ever be old enough to gain enough value to get me on my dream vacation though.

DK did the same for the 1 dollar coins he has been given and have now a good collection. If you can guess correctly the number of coins he has, he will even give you a pair of movie tickets.

1 comment:

DK said...

I discovered that it is more satisfying to save $1 coin compared to 50cent or 20cent. More value and easier to count. :D