Sunday, 4 January 2009

New Haircut

New Haircut
One of the things that I find relaxing is going for a haircut at the barber. Not a hair salon for me, it has to be a barber.

Being terribly myopic, I am at the mercy of the barber as far as hairstyle is concerned. Sometimes, the blur image in the mirror and the sensation of lots of hair being chopped off make me think that I will be shaven bald or given a marine haircut. Yet, it always somehow works out ok. Of course, it helps that barbers are not exactly known for fancy hairstyles.

One of the latest thing on the scene are these $10 for 10 min haircut shops which come with their unqiue set of procedures and equipment, including a good vacuum all over the head at the end of a haircut. I was told that one of them has given numbers to the different guys' hairstyles so that it is easier to say how short you want your hair to be.

As I grow older, and my hair gets thinner, it seems that my standard instruction for my barber has become "just cut the side and the back, leave the top long".


Anonymous said...

Hey, it's the littlest things.. right?

soulbrush said...

it's the myopic part that got me giggling, as i am the same....