Thursday, 2 April 2009

A-Live Apr 09

Sew On and So Forth
Had our April's session of the live ATC trade tonight. Some lovely embroidery work for the theme "Sew On and So Forth".

This is the last session in the Pauseability shop space. Next month, we move to Bishan Library on 14 May (Thu) from 6.30 pm.


So, our theme for next month is "Moving" and at tonight's session we all tried our hands at making cards with something that moves.

Parts are hinged and can be animated.

Pull the string on these and an object moves.

Get moving and join us next month at the Bishan Library!


Flower girl said...

I like those cards :)

Coop said...

Please check out my new blog for details of my new mail art project.