Thursday, 14 May 2009

A-Live @ Bishan Library

A*Live @ Bishan Library - May

We had our inaugural ATC trading session at the Bishan Library tonight. It was encouraging to have 3 newcomers join us. It was fun seeing the "Moving" cards that were created, and we also tried our hands at creating ATCs that incorporate text. Playing around with text is cool, especially right inside the library. Like our first attempts?

The next session will be on 11 Jun, Thu, and the theme is "Dreams and Choices".

A*Live @ Bishan Library - May


kelvin used his rune at said...

aaaaa so fun !!!!!
too bad ive missed it :(

will join in juneeee

Knotty Bicsie said...

Congrats! Sure look fun! Really wanted to be there... But Thursday nite somehow turned out to be rather popular among my students & I wonder why... :(

So Bishan Library will be ATC's "permanent home" for now?

Momo said...

Yeah, we missed having both of you there. For now, we are firmed up that we will meet at Bishan Library for June. Will see how things work out in the months ahead.