Saturday, 6 June 2009

Nonya Manis

Nonya Manis the peranakan paperdoll

Our peranakan paperdoll has gone into "commercial production" and named Nonya Manis.

Nonya Manis the peranakan paperdoll

It has been wonderful being able to collaborate with the seniors at Silver Co-op in this project.

We have packed quite a lot and ready for the debut later this month. How exciting!

Nonya Manis the peranakan paperdoll


Lorri said...

Wow, thats so exciting. Are you getting manufacture done in Singapore?? We have been looking for a manufacturer to produce some rubber stamps for a long time - very expensive here in Australia, most people get them made overseas!
Would be great to know who is doing them and the pricing.
Re: Cruise... YES, we are coming to Singapore for the first time ever but will only be there for one day. Are you close to the main port??? Wouldn't it be wonderful to catch up for a coffee/chat!


Knotty Bicsie said...

Wow! This looks exciting! Pauseability obviously has not "paused" & has definitely been super busy! Really happy for you! Congrats, Moses! :)

mandylml said...

i having my diploma project now,is promote baba nyonya culture.
u still have the Nyonya Manis??
i need to collect BN things for my research...
pls contact me,my email is

Thanks alot!!