Saturday, 20 March 2010

Dine in the Dark

Lunching in total darkness was a brand new experience. The folks at SAVH did a great job making it an assuring step out of our comfort zones.

Together with 17 others, we were served by the visually impaired a lunch like no others.

From the moment we were lead into the dinning area, we were enveloped in pitch darkness, not being able to see even my own fingers. Very gently, we were guided through our meal - figuring out how to pour a cup of juice (mine overflowed), know what is on our plate and to get that into our mouth (some landed on my shirt, with track marks of sauce to show for it), enjoying the heightened sensation of smell - and all the while still able to have conversation with our fellow diners.

Just listening to voices while chatting was interesting too, especially since most of us were new to each other.

Pauseability is happy to have been able to organise this. Do consider this unique experience and at the same time support a very worthy cause.


k.h.whitaker said...

My grandson is blind so we went to Dialogue in the Dark here in Atlanta, which is a similar to what you are posting about. It's a great way to find out a little about what it is to be visually impaired.

Momo said...

Yes Karen, it was a very meaningful experience. In fact, over lunch, we were told that they are also working on a Dialogue in the Dark experience.