Thursday, 6 June 2013

ATC @ Bishan Library June 2013

ATC at Bishan June 2013
This was a somewhat special ATC session - for one, it was held a week earlier than the usual, everyone produced the most delightful and colourful ATCs and it was the last ATC session that I am hosting for now.
ATC at Bishan June 2013
I will be headed overseas to work from July onwards, and I have to be away next week, so everyone was lovely in agreeing to move this month's session forward by a week.
For the crafting session, we were inspired by Barbara Reid's illustration and so got to trying using plasticine to create ATCs.
ATC at Bishan June 2013
We have grown into a wonderful and supportive community. Many has stepped forward to help continue to make the ATC sessions happen. Join them on 11 July at 6.30 pm, Bishan Library.

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Liberty said...

A great project, bravo.