Thursday, 17 May 2007

Here We Go!

Today, 17 May, Pauseability starts business. Went early to do all last-minute arrangements, rushed through my lunch, and officially opened the doors to customers 5 minutes late at 11.35 am.

It was a relatively quiet start, except for the noisy renovation going on next door and also the heavy downpour just after the lunch hour.

At around 5.30 pm, I had my first paying customer (in between a number of friends and relatives dropped by). She came by to make something for her boyfriend.

Also completed decorating the windows with Wink decals.

Took photos but they turned out off-focus. So, I will post better photos soon.

Bushed ... ready to collapse into bed.


Anonymous said...

Knowing your crazy ideas, I'm sure the shop will soon carve a niche for itself! All the best!

Momo said...

Thanks! Do drop by soon.