Friday, 18 May 2007

Twist on Track

Here are 2 interesting finds on the web.

Watch this subtle advert. Try guessing what it is about after the first few seconds.

It is all for a good cause and I am sure the shock would embed this ad into your mind for a while to come. Quite clever don't your think?

Next, in the mood of celebrating Singapore's clinching of the F1 race, how about taking a look at the world's fastest sofa. I kid you not; there's a photo attached to the report. Since our race is at night, perhaps we could have the world's fastest bed. Anyone?


Anonymous said...

Someone told me about your new venture. Googled your unique shop name and found the website!
Really miss your writing. And especially the section on books you are reading. I remembered you introducing the curious incident book to us and it was really a good read.

Now you can really write your own chapter of The Art of Pauseability.
Good luck!

Momo said...

Thanks! Write to me at if you want to keep up with what I am reading.