Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Social Networking

Received an unexpected mention in Straits Times yesterday. It was a nice personal piece from Mui Hoong who paused by on Thursday last week. I am glad that she enjoyed the time spent.

This is one of the great things about having set up shop - meeting people, especially those that are quite different from my usual circle. Better yet, we have often had a chance to have some good conversations too.

Moses Sia's Facebook profile

Lately, I have started trying out social networking on the internet too. Facebook is a new arena to me. Still groping my way around but am thankful for new friends like Betsy who showed me some of the neat stuff.

If you see the right side of this blog, you will also notice 2 other communities that I have just joined - Indiepublic and atcards (for artist trading cards enthusiasts).

Sure gives a new spin to the idea of 6 degrees of separation.


Joy Seng said...


Do you know where can I go and read the article? I am quite keen to know what is written in it.

Momo said...

Perhaps you can find a copy of 3 Sep's ST at the library. It is on page 21 of the first part of the newspaper.

-ls- said...

Manage to get a copy from my office. The article is well-written. Joy Seng, will pass you on Sunday :-)