Friday, 21 September 2007

Why Must I Know

If you are a regular reader of My Paper, have you noticed the news highlight that appears on the 2nd page everyday? In English, it is called "Why Must I Know?" and in Chinese "I Read the News".

It comes with a sub-heading that says "This is not a "What Must I Know" world but a "Why Must I Know" era." Each day, an editor would lay out the key news of the day giving each a snappy title that is carefully crafted to start with the same word.

I had wanted to translate a sample of these titles but found it difficult. Perhaps, it is an aspect of the beauty of the Chinese language which I find hard to translate.

There is almost poetry in these titles. I like the creativity, and sometimes humour, in this. I do wonder how many readers appreciate the thoughtfulness behind this.

A few young people that I know have difficulty learning their Mother Tongue. Besides mugging for the exams, they do not seem to have much reasons for picking up the language at all. Perhaps, this is a good case of the importance of the "why must I know" versus just the mere "what"?

On a different note, if you missed the last ATC live trade session, we are going to share about ATC at the Art Market @ Fort Canning on 30 Sep (Sunday) from 1 to 2 pm at the Cox Studio.

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