Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Children's Day

David's House - the ATC

Like this set of rather abstract looking ATCs? I must say that I am rather pleased with them and there's certainly a hint of pride each time I introduce them to anyone. These were created using the work of 3-year old David.

David came by with his Mum, sister and aunty Theresa recently. (Read Mum's wonderfully kind blog. Thanks Sher! Cool photos too.) When Theresa tried out painting, David happily dived in too. He was sure what he wanted - colours! With confident strokes and bright colours he painted his house and shimmering water in a pool.

David's House - Original

When I posted the ATCs on atcards, JacqueLynn was inspired by them to create these.

It is simply wonderful seeing creativity expressed. I cannot wait to get these ATCs which Jacque has generously offered to send to me.

There is something about the paradoxical mix of wild abandonment and deep focus you see in children when they are creating. I am so happy to have had David made my day. Hope you all had a great Children's Day - appreciate their sense of wonder, the sparkle in their eyes and twinkle in their laughter.

PS I am considering starting "ATC Junior" sessions for children to exchange ATCs they have made. If you are keen for your children to do this, please let me known at pauseability@gmail.com. This could happen as soon as this December.

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Sher said...

oh i love what you did with david's drawing!! and i will see you again soon... just waiting for the right person and the right time to visit :)