Sunday, 21 October 2007

Ma Pew Poh

While not exactly the equivalent of "Extra! Extra!", "Ma Pew Poh" was what I remember hearing as a kid when the nightime newspaper that carried the 4D results was being sold.

Well, I made frontpage of today's mah pew poh. (Did notice that an earlier copy Shin Min Daily News was without the 4D results and another that was bought later did.)

The headline appears a little sensational - "Ex-P Gives up $8k Pay, Rather Earn $300" - but I am happy with the lovely report inside about the concept of Pauseability. I could never have said it all in Chinese as well as Pauline the journalist did. The photographer also took some really flattering photos, camera-shy as I am.

Today, a mother came in with her 5-year old daughter because the daughter recognised my face in the papers and asked to come in to do some art. That came as a surprise and that was also when I realised that the article has been published.

Media exposure to create some awareness of Pauseability is really much needed at this point. This came at a point when I thought I have tried to get some media interest to no avail. Am thankful.


winnie said...

hello......i read yr report.i am a student of xinmin pri.i finish my PSLE this year.........i remenber the days u were in xinmin,we did not get scolded often because u wil only kindly tell us 2 stop talking...... Best regards, winnie tay

Momo said...

Great to hear from you Winnie. I wish you all the best with your PSLE and it will be a new chapter for you as you move on to secondary school.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Sia,

I have worked for you before...your gift is in your writing. Why not consider generating some more content in your blog and build up a steady stream of readers? then advertisers' $$ will flow in.

I really enjoy your writing. Hope to see more pieces.

Anonymous said...


i am glad there is a venue to create and xpress artisitcally thru art and craft. not for fame or money or to boast. .. just simply enjoy to make things and share. i am very interested to join your prog at toa payoh.


Derica said...

Interesting to know.