Monday, 12 November 2007

Pet Wabbit

Not too long ago, I met 2 persons at Pauseability who liked the pet rabbits they had. One drew a beautiful portrait while the other requested help to make a clay figurine.

(The artist of this drawing is a retiree who is self-taught in art. He has more pieces available for sale.)

Then there is also this ATC that was created by Gary.

For pet lovers, their pets do have a significant place in their hearts. And of course I have also heard of those who swore off pets after the heart-break of losing one at a tender age.

This animation was created for the Oregon Humane Society for their "End Petlessness" campaign. It states on its website that it is scientifically proven that pets makes us happier and healthier, and going by the name of the organisation, more humane too I suppose.

I am not sure I will be able to keep a pet - so far, my only attempt has been to keep some fishes which I seemed to have murdered along the way. As I declared recently, pets to me are nice but only from far.

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