Saturday, 17 November 2007

Wild Things

Have I got green fingers? Not if I compare myself with a friend's mother who keeps her plant lush and clean - each leave with not a speck of dust and gleaming.

My little garden along the corridor is a patch of wild things.

And I actually wanted to grow what others might consider weeds. Seriously, I do like moss and some weeds, and they are not exactly things I can cultivate just because I wanted them.

This weird looking plant that reproduces itself through its leave fascinates me too. Of course, it seems to have been sturdy enough to last with me.

There is also this money plant which was very near death. But as soon as it was allowed to climb the wall, it quite literally launched an invasion. Within just days, its roots shot out to grip the wall and the leaves grew really huge. Quite a monster.

Even though everything I have at the moment are essentially green and there isn't a single pretty bloom or spot of colour, I like the fact that it is teeming with life in wild abandonment. Go! Green!

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