Saturday, 29 December 2007

Ella Ella

Richard was on his way to church when it started to rain. He had darted from one block of flats to another but he was stuck as the rain got heavier. The heavy rain would have drenched him if he had dashed across the road, and so he waited. After a while, a family of three walked by.

The mother asked Richard where he was going. Surprised, he muttered, to church. Without hesitation, she offered one of her two umbrellas, saying, our family can share the other one.

Richard was too taken aback and politely said that he was fine waiting. The mother insisted, and told Richard that he could return the umbrella through the lady who mans the toilet at the market. With that, the family walked off, huddled under one umbrella. A perfect stranger going out of her way to offer help.

This happened not too long ago. Heartwarming isn't it?

Resolution for 2008: Warm a heart each day!

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