Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Manhole Under Our Feet

It never occurred to me what "SEW" meant when I saw this word on manhole cover as a child. The word left an indelible print in my memory but I don't remember ever asking why SEW, or for that matter what sewing has got to do with the road or the cover. Clearly, I was not exactly very curious, was I?

Maybe if I did ask, someone might have said, "Don't talk rubbish"! Ha!

New York Times recently had a photo feature on New York's manhole covers which are made in India. The photos are wonderful to look at and the narrated slideshow is a must see.

And not too long ago, I came across this collection of pictures and blogs of manhole covers in Japan. Look at these beautiful covers.

Who knew that something as seemingly insignificant as manhole covers can have such interesting stories and beauty.

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