Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Grow Up Reading

For many teachers, it has been our hope that our children would enjoy reading. I dare say that many of us are mostly clueless as to how exactly to get this to happen. Even at the polytechnic, this is one of the things that is seen as crucial for growth and development.

I enjoy books but I cannot claim to be much of a reader myself. If I were asked to recommend books to the younger ones, I wonder what I would do.

In one of my serendipitous trip at the library, I came across this interesting book.

Welcome to Lizard Motel: Children, Stories, and the Mystery of Making Things Up

It is an initmate and impassioned memoir from a mother, writer and educator about the kinds of books she calls "problem novels" that are being awarded and recommended to kids. Barbara is great with words and tells her journey with lyrical descriptions that draws you in and brings you close to her. She also weaves in her arguments so beautifully with her own story. This is the way I wish academic thesis were written.

Whether you are parent, teacher or just someone looking for a good read, this is a book worth picking up.

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