Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Older and Growing

I came across this quote recently: Not growing older, but am older and growing. Not sure who said it though.

In these past few months, one thing that I have enjoyed has been producing small little art pieces. I am always amazed by what I have drawn, often knowing that I am much influenced by the many things I have seen in books, on the web and around me, and yet surprised that each bearing a stamp that makes it uniquely my style.

Someone remarked that my pieces usually look happy. I do have an affinity towards children art and a play with words. Here are 2 illustrators that I recently enjoyed looking at.

Yannick Thome Can't read the text, love the drawings.

Cozy Tomato, a Japanese illustrator, Koji Tomoto. Kawaii desu-ne!

And there are all these fantastic illustrators at Illustration Friday who would contribute a piece of artwork each week according to that week's theme. I am like a child let loose in a candy store.

So much to learn from. It is simply wonderful. In the month ahead, I will be working hard towards creating my first ever picture book.

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