Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Traditional Tunes

Enka 演歌 are Japanese traditional and melodramtic popular songs. I remember first listening to them through the Red-White Song Festival that was broadcast annually in the early 80's, a period when the J-pop culture was at one of its peaks.

How interesting to come across Jero, an American boy who sings the enka, albeit with a hip-hop twist. As I understand it, he does sing it pretty well and is said to have started singing enka for his Japanese grandma.

The way the cultures of the world are mixing and converging is very interesting to watch. Not entirely a new phenomenon, but I am sure it is at a pace and style rather different from before. What implication does this have on our claim about protecting our "very own" cultural heritage? For one, I do so enjoy the richness of so much more that is available to me today. It does enrich creativity, doesn't it?

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