Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Writing in Print

The computer and handwriting. Some of us are so used to writing on the computer that our handwriting has gone from bad to worse. Ironically, with computers, we have also become more aware of typography and many more are now familiar with fonts and playing around with them.

One of the victims of computerisation is the typewriter. The speed of change is noticeable when one realises that almost all teenagers today have neither seen nor touched a typewriter ever.

Just bought this typewriter and it will be at Pauseability.


Alfred said...

Hey! I am a teenager and I do know how to use the typewriter okay! LOL how can you classify teens as those who have not touched the typewriter before!!!! :(

kabluey said...

Hi Alfred, don't take it too personally because i know there are many many young people and teens these days that will not have the opportunity to come into contact with old technology (if i may call it that). I know that many of my students will never come into contact with the things i have as a child and teenager. How many of them wil know that before CDs there were cassette tapes? Or how back in my days the rage of the day was carrying a slim walkman?

So i say good on you that you had the experience of using a traditional typewriter but keep in mind many others might and may never get the chance of having those experiences.