Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Accidental Masterpiece

The Accidental Masterpiece : On the Art of Life and Vice Versa

Yet another book that I stumbled upon in the library. I like the subtitle which says: on the art of life and vice versa. From talking about a collector of light bulbs to a photographer who braved being lost in the south pole, Kimmelman writes beautifully about appreciating art and also seeing life artfully.

Yesterday, Jacklyn brought her art pieces and I had a good time arranging them in the little exhibition space in Pauseability. I am grateful that she has given me the honour of expressing myself in the display. Just before closing the shop, I laid back on the daybed and in just the spotlight meant for the gallery and the music of Pink Martini, took moments to enjoy soaking in the collection before me. It was lovely.

The exhibition opens on Thursday. Sure hope some folks will pause by to enjoy as well.


Herry said...

Your place is so cozy! Feel like just want to snug into those big pillows.

Momo said...

You are most welcome to snug. And during the duration of the exhibition, that is probably a good spot from which to admire the works too. Oops .. can't help plugging my shop.

Rodrigo said...

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