Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Yummy Funny

My brother offered this almond cookie to me recently (clearing CNY goodies? Ha!) Unlike the usual ones from China, this one is yummy and comes with crunchy almond chunks. Thanks bro! From Macau and pretty nice packaging too.

And if you like seeing beautiful packaging, look at this very colourful flickr collection of Japanese beverages. Some of them are funny too.

Talking about funny, what do you think of the collar on this shirt? Well,huge collars and bell bottoms were the fashion in the 70s. I am still looking for stuff for the "I <3 My 70's Childhood" exhibition. If you have a shirt or a pair of pants from the 70's, or artwork, photos or any other artifacts, please do lend me a hand. This show is scheduled for 19 July at Pauseability.

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