Monday, 11 June 2007

Time Travels

The reunion was an event that is special. The last time I set foot into old KKPS was 8 years ago, after leaving school for 20 years, and that was a really brief visit.

This time, we had an extended stay and the net was cast far and wide to get as many as possible, including teachers. Unlike my previous visit, in which it was the physical space of the school that impacted me, this time it was definitely the people.

What a wonderful thing to start off with everyone sharing one memory of our time in the school. Together we re-constructed some of the fondest part of our childhood. Not sure how it is like for others but I am one who has a most faded memory, so I really liked being reminded.

Those good folks that put everything together have done a marvelous thing. Thank you!

Well, I want to put together a mini-show at Pauseability based on our 70's childhood. It would be interesting to see what photos, artifacts and art work will show up.

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