Wednesday, 11 July 2007


Well, I enjoy reading and going to the library.

One of the things I enjoy about being at the library is the accidental discovery of a gem among the shelves. Same for surfing the web. David Shenk warned about the problem with just having niche media where you are only looking at things that are of interest to you. I can just imagine how much I would have missed if I stuck only to the shelves or webpages that I am interested in.

I like the bookcart in the photo above. It is one of the entries for a Pimp My Bookcart Contest.

And on the topic of books, it is interesting to find out that while many of us would think the increase in literacy in the middle ages is due to the invention of the printing press, it is really related to availability of cheap paper which were made from rags, including underwear and discarded clothes due to the Black Death. Who would have thought that wearing underwear led to increased medieval literacy. Ha!

Meanwhile, I am reading Susan Greenfield's, an acclaimed neuroscientist, Tomorrow's People. Extending from on her knowledge of neuroscience, she speculates what the future might be like in lifestyle, work, education and even terrorism.

Tomorrow's People

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