Thursday, 19 July 2007

What Will Be, Will Be

I Love My 70's Childhood

"I Love My 70's Childhood" starts showing today. Well, just a smallish little display of nostalgia. I am also hoping that those who also spent their childhood in the 70's would add a little something to the 70's pop culture paper quilt.

What I am really happy to share is my collection of Yippee! magazine. The visuals in this magazine had meant alot to me growing up. I am just wondering if there are others who treasured this magazine as much.

I Love My 70's Childhood

There's a stack to dive into if you are a Yippee! fan.

I was pleasantly surprised that information about this exhibition appeared in My Paper.

A little digression: I have created gift vouchers for Pauseability.

Gift Vouchers

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