Monday, 25 February 2008

Playing Catchup .. Ketchup

When this series was first shown here, we were all amazed by the creativity. Seeing this clip made me go wow all over again.

We did have a local series modeled after this show but I don't think it quite had the same wow factor.

It has been said that asking for ketchup is an insult to the chef. For a French chef especially? Not sure.

Recently, we were talking about our impression that French food always comes in small portions and that could be the reason for the French being generally slim. However, this article suggests that this is really because the French stops eating when they are full while the Americans stops only when there is nothing left in their plate. The latter sounds like what mum used to say to me as a kid - polish off everything on your plate if you don't want a pock-marked wife! Still, I am thin as a stick.

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