Saturday, 2 February 2008

Post It Project

Yesterday, 1 Feb, was Post It Project day. I wrote about this sometime back.

Just a simple idea of creating art on a pst it and then release it. Anyone in the world can join in. And so I did.

Posted it at a public telephone. A few hours later when I returned to the same spot, sadly, my work has been destroyed. Shredded.

Folks from all over the world will be posting their work to Fiona and she will be posting them at her blog soon.

Meanwhile, here is one from Suzy in Korea, and also Andy who doodles on post it everyday.

Keep posted.

1 comment:

ArtPfunk said...

It was Destroyed!!?? How mean! This is a great idea, and I want to try it :D

I have left ATC's around Ithaca NY, but never heard from anyone on them :)