Saturday, 26 July 2008

AoP 02 - Parade Rehearsal

ATC on Parade starts on 7th Aug and that's drawing close.
ATC on Parade Display
Besides the larger displays, we wanted to frame some of our ATCs to show the art that they are. This beautiful set from Richard promotes the ATC on Parade exhibition so well.
ATC on Parade Display
And for the Singapore swap, more cards have arrived from overseas. We now have cards from UK, Canada and USA.
Singapore Swap ATCs
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LynLloyd said...

You have a cooool blog : ]

It seems well put together and thanks for reading about my crazzy creative journey lol! I swear I'm such a mess, haha.

You have a lot of cool stuff on here, I enjoyed browsing through your blog.

Thanks again,

BlossomingTree said...

They are so pretty and I like the colorful frames.