Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Everyday Matters

In one of my meanderings on the net, I came across Danny Gregory's Everyday Matters in which he shares his drawings and thoughts. There's also a related group for people to share their drawings and illustrated journals.

One of Danny's idea is that "what matters is that you pause and contemplate. If your record of that contemplation is inaccurate, try again. Feel deeper. See deeper. Slow down. Relax." This sure resonates with pauseability.

From his links, I came across Someguy's 1000 journal project. In 2000, 1000 journals were released as a method for interaction and shared creativity among friends and strangers. I simply love such ideas.

Even though only 1 journal made it back to Someguy, a film has just been made (wonder when it will screen in Singapore), he has also published a book and has also created 1001 journals.

I think I see some shots of Singapore in this trailer. Am I right?

Perhaps I shall start a shared journal at Pauseability.

Update (2 Jul): From Andrea the film-maker, I found out that she did come to Singapore for about a week. "Mainly with a wonderful artist (and now fellow film maker) Loo Zihan, but also with the group of friends who created the GELARE page -- at Gelare! Great fun." Such a coincidence that I chose their page too. There are currently no plans to screen the film here yet.

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