Friday, 17 August 2007

ButTons of Colour

Barely Buttons

These buttons are such visual and tactile delights. They came to me in a crumpy plastic bag, mixed with 2 rusted screws, bits of dust and thread and that faint smell of sewing machine oil.

I enjoyed sorting them, taking in the colours and then cleaning them. Those that came in a huge lot, I strung them up. Felt a little like I was wasting my time, so I set a time-limit to get it all done. Overshot the time but I really was having a good time. Finally, I laid them all out, took a good look and snapped some photos.

I bought these from a shop that is closing down. The old couple that ran the shop has decided to call it quits. When they heard that I have decided to venture into business, they kindly chided me and wondered aloud why I would choose such a path.

It has been 3 months since setting up shop. Pauseability has been around for a quarter of a year just at the blink of an eye. If you ask me how business is, I presume that you are asking if I am having brisk business and making money. Honestly, I am not. It is still far too quiet as far as the cash register is concerned.

Yet, things have in fact been anything but quiet. The number of things I have been able to do and the variety of people I have had the chance to interact with have been beyond my wildest imagination. Looking through my Flickr and I can only say that God has been tremendously good to me. Transforming an empty shell of a shop into a cosy space, setting up an exhbition about my childhood days and having people turn up, and making numerous handcrafts that surprises me how nice they look. Talking to the old man who takes his walk wearing his baseball cap, seeing the neighbouring hairstylist meticulously create his handmade gift for his girlfriend, meeting someone else who remembers Yippee! magazine, and enjoying the company of my friends who pause by with their wonderful children. The list could goes on and on.

There continues to be those moments when a stretch of days go by with no one pausing by, and it does make the sense of hope of business picking up seem suddenly so hollow. Dipping into my savings and watching the amount dwindle is no thrill either. And I wonder if my patience will ever outlast the indefinite wait. Doubts peck at my confidence and I sigh.

At those moments, it does seem just like the old couple who sold me the buttons have said, what a silly (or as I would say foolhardy) choice that I have made.

BUT i am having TONs of COLOUR that God has so graciously added to this part of my life. For this I am delighted and it makes the tough parts worth it. (Can't help the lame play of words ... haha!)

Enjoy this plate that is brimming over with But-Tons of Colour!

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