Monday, 6 August 2007

Daddy Long Pants

Came across this story in the Chinese papers today and liked it.

Daddy was going for a reunion the next day and bought himself a new pair of pants. However, it was 10 cm too long. So, he decided to ask someone at home to alter it. He first asked Granny who said that she was too tired to do so. When he asked Mummy, she said she has too much work to do it. Finally when he asked Daughter, she was on her way to a dance and could not possibly spare the time.

Daddy could understand and decided that he should just wear an old pair of pants to the reunion.

Later that day, Granny felt bad to have turned down her son. He has been such a good son after all. So, she shortened the pants for him. Mummy finished her work and she too felt that she could at least helped her lovely husband and she shortened the pants by 10 cm too. When Daughter came home from her dance, she also decided that she should helped Daddy out and she altered the pants by 10 cm as well.

So, on the day of the reunion, Daddy found himself with a pair of new pants that had become 30 cm shorter. And he decided to wear it to the reunion. When his old friends asked him, he said, well, I have such a loving family and told them the story of how his pants was altered.

If we were caught in such a situation, how would we have reacted. Possibly not as calmly nor with such good humour. For most of us, we are more likely to have better EQ outside of our family than with our family members. Familiarity breeds contempt?

This article came from sharing sessions at Crocodile where the staff meets weekly and the members take turn to share an inspirational story each week. Cool yah?


~Stella said...

Very cool! I love that story!


Momo said...

Great! Thanks Stella for taking the effort to pen that. I am encouraged and I hope my retelling has done justice to the original piece too.

Anonymous said...

Great story and love your blog...I'm your regular here. But hey, if it's grandma in the story, the outcome would be different. no? kekekeke...