Monday, 27 August 2007

No Kidding

My friend paused by with his family. His two children, Jonathan and Joan, have been to the angel-clay sessions and have enjoyed themselves. While the adults chatted, they explored the shop and was soon intrigued by the special paper punchers.

What amazed me was how quickly Jonathan thought about making a banner with a string of bears as soon as he punched the first one and was drawing in the details. And in no time at all, he created this proto-type. Notice how he has given different eyes to each bear. I am amazed and amused.

Joan, his younger sister in Primary 1, also made a lovely little card for me. Her dad and I share the same birthday and she was so sweet to make this card especially for me.

These kids are such delights.

I have been working hard at getting more publicity for Pauseability. Don't seem to be making much headway. Did have a pleasant surprise when my friend told me that Pauseability has been featured on CityPatrol. Thanks CityPatrol Officers! Check it out!

For the rest of you who are reading this blog, here's my desperate plea: pass the word around about Pauseability to 10 people in the next week. Ahem, and if you have yet to find time to pause by, you deserve to reward yourself with a trip. Hee!


Anonymous said...

hi, chanced on this site through ur facebook listing... think that's not a bad place to publicize for the masses. :) will find a chance to drop by with some friends or alone. it seems like a great place! maybe you could elaborate on the 'pauseabilities' of what people can do there. the per hour stuff sounds good but i think a bit more details might do the trick.

- kenny.

Momo said...

Thanks Kenny. I am still very new to Facebook and must say I am pleasantly surprise that it has brought you to my site. The "buffet" of materials includes mostly paper, beads, paint, fabric and some found materials like shells, stones, and plastic animals. Just the kind of odds and ends to play around with. Hope that helps. Look forward to you pausing by.