Monday, 9 June 2008

Cover Up?

Just made this new "Green with Envie" with all recycled paper materials.

Green with Envie

Should I cover up the print on the front and back cover? Please leave your comment.

Green with Envie

Green with Envie

Update 10 June: Listed this item in etsy.


kabluey said...

I would say leave the print it adds more character to the cover than covering it. :)

Alfieeeeee said...

I love the book! It looks real nice with the letters on. :)

Art by Sophie said...

I would agree! It definitly adds character and gives it the handmade feel. which i love


Mia said...

Well, I would leave the print, it's quirky and cute, and lets others know that they can reuse things in different ways, go green!! :)