Sunday, 22 June 2008

Journal Junkie

June Journals
I love recycling paper into journals and these were made in the past few days.

The cover for the colourful one is made by weaving strips of an old Chinese comic I found at the thrift shop. It is from the mid-90s and the riot of colours on each page made it very eye-catching when woven into the cover.

The one at the bottom left corner is more sculptural and was inspired by the weeds I noticed growing in the cracks on pavements. The green textured paper "weed" came from some scraps that were leftover from scraps that were first used to make the cover of green-coloured sketchpad. Thanks Stephanie and Rita for some of the paper used in these journals.

The yellow one is a variation of an envie journal - 12 pages of envelopes. Entirely recycled.


And of course there is Roost. No prize for guessing the source of the recycled cover.

So, which one of these junkie journals tickles your fancy?


Anonymous said...

LOL! If you're a junkie, then I'm a paper addict! Seriously! Cute stuff, cute blog!

Dee's Digital Designs said...

Your work is amazing! I love that you use recycled paper as well.

Gifts, Etc. said...

Beautiful and unique! I love it!

lorenzstudio said...

I really like the woven journal. It's so unique.

Dulce said...

I love your work. Thank you for sharing.

Cathe said...

So fun!! Now what would you write or put in your journals? Super clever designs. Nice work.